Windows are important part of any room in the house specially bedroom or living room,

however when we decide to decorate we often just cover them with some curtains and forget about them, but so much can be done for our windows which can make them part of decoration plan,

Window treatment depends upon how much space is available and how much natural light they receive,

We can use drapes, roman shades, shutters, there is a whole variety of modern window treatment | decoration ideas available to us in 2019.

Lets see some of the latest trends in 2019,

Matchstick Blinds

For small spaces, opt for slim blinds that’ll still let natural light in.

Organic, woven fabrics keep a space feeling light and airy.

Matchstick blinds are also known as bamboo blinds.

They have been used as window treatments since a long time, They are ideal when you are low on budget or just want some natural window treatment.

Bamboo blinds are the perfect thing when there is too much sunlight in the room or when you need privacy.

They’ll give you privacy while still letting some of that sunshine pass through, they are also very affordable.

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Roman Shades

Roman shades add pattern to a room.

You can choose it in any colour as per your taste and room design.

These shades are another type of window covering used to block out the sun.

They stack up evenly when being opened, when they are open they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical blinds.

Roman shades are usually opened with a cord mechanism which allows the user to adjust the height of the covered area.

Roman shades are available in a variety of options like Looped Roman Shades and Classic Roman Shades which designed to create depth and dimension.

Looped Roman Shades, also known as hobbled shades, have folds that cascade down the face of the shade to help create depth, while Classic Roman Shades offer a pleated design.

Roman shades are also available in a seamless style, which feature a smooth or flat shade feature.

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Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains and sheer panels are used for maximum light.

It’ll help keep the room from feeling too closed off or dark,

It’s convenient to be able to look out through the curtain while the inside of the room is not visible to the person looking from outside.

Sheer curtains are often used by people in the living rooms but they can be layered with solid curtains and used in all rooms to filter more or less sunlight as needed at different times and occasions.

The sheer fabric of the curtains allow light to stream in but screen your indoors from the outside.

Hence, it acts as a double agent as far as light and privacy is concerned.

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Botanical Blinds

These have leafy and other botanical patterns and prints, you can feel closer to nature with the help of these Roman shades.

Keep the vibe going with greens, blues, and fresh or silk florals.

It’s a trend that has been around for a number of years and continues to have a strong place in interior design.

It creates a sense of outdoor living indoors, with the use of different natural materials alongside floral print fabrics.

From florals to tropical ferns, bringing flora and fauna into your living space.

Wide variety of botanical patterns means there’s so much you can play with in your home.

Botanical blinds really bring ultimate combination of colour, print and texture.

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Tall Curtains

Tall drapes create contrast and make a room feel bigger.

Hanging your curtains at ceiling level  makes the room feel larger because the walls look taller.

This works well in a small space, but may not be ideal in a very large room.

Placing the curtain just above the window trim allows you to use a shorter curtain which can create an appealing effect.

To do this with ceiling-mounted curtains would require longer curtains which are easy to find at a store these days.

Hanging the curtains at ceiling height can be a useful technique for balancing a room with windows of different heights or sizes.

If hanging the curtain from ceiling height, then there should be enough room between the ceiling and the brackets to allow you to slip the rod into place.

If your curtains have a decoration or frill on top, where the material is slightly higher than the rod, take care not to affix the rod right up against the ceiling.

Avoid folding the material this will end up making it look as though it’s crammed.

Measure your window carefully before selecting your curtains.

A curtain mounted at the ceiling looks more appealing if it is long enough to reach the floor.

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If your windows are fitted  with shutters, all you need is to add a coat of paint. 

Shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter.

They also protect windows from sand storms and high winds, they  allow you to easily choose between privacy and visibility.

When closed, you can still adjust the rod to allow light to enter.

Shutters come in many sizes if you cannot find a perfect size you can easily customize.

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Valence And Lambrequins

Valences and Lambrequins are a good solution when you want shape and movement without a whole lot of fabric.

These  are a short piece of decorative drapery hung over the top of a door or window or draped from a shelf or mantelpiece.

No longer are these associated with stuffy, over-decorated windows like in old times.

There is a  difference between a valance and a lambrequin.

A valence is a window treatment that covers the top of a window.

The lambrequin is a valence that comes down further on each side of the window area, it often has a curvy, sculptural shape to it.

Lambrequins are also usually stand-alone window treatments with no shades or blinds needed under them.

These treatments are well loved by many as they’re a great alternative to fabric heavy which is also expensive usually.

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Foam Core Cornice

Cornices can add the illusion of height to your windows.

They are available in Square Edges, Round Edges and Back Cut styles to allow you to select the one that best fits your design.

Most do not require any special tools to install.

Using foam core instead of wood or other materials makes it cheaper, easier, and lighter to hang and change when needed.

It’s a favourite DIY project for decoration lovers.

The kits are easily available in online stores.

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Window Sill Seating

A window seat topped with plump pillows also a mattress if possible makes the area an easy spot to read, nap, converse, or simply sit and gaze at the landscape and sky,

It also provides additional seating area for smaller rooms or even an extra bed depending on the size of the window sill, for large windows a bench for the full length of room with built – in storage will be a great idea,

It also saves money spent on buying new furniture to accommodate guests.

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Venetian Blinds

A Venetian Blind is a window blind consisting of horizontal slats which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it, These slats are made using a variety of materials, such as bamboo, wood and aluminium.

They have many benefits – they are adaptable and suitable for any window size and can be used in any room, they are affordable and durable, offer low maintenance and are easy to clean, they allow you to control your light and privacy levels.

Some care needs to be taken for maintaining them – dust collects on the horizontal slats, however this is easily cleaned using a sock or blind duster.

We are required to ensure safety for children who may get tangled.

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Hope you like the article and found some window decoration ideas for your windows. Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments. 🙂

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